We are often asked to accompany vocal soloists, and sometimes get requests for music that is not available for string quartet. We will do our best to accommodate your wishes and locate the music you asked for. If we are able to find printed music, we can often adapt it specifically for our quartet, using a piano/vocal score. These are fairly easy to do, and don't require additional fees if there are four parts, and we can use what is written.

If your special music needs transposition, or arranging to make it suitable for string quartet and/or soloist, there will be an additional charge.

If music is out of print, or unavailable, it will be harder (if not impossible) to get for you, but we can try! We have a large network, and sometimes can locate music through other sources. We have even been successful in pulling "absolutely got to have" music off of CDs (transcribing by ear!) but it is tedious and will cost extra depending on the time involved.

Most requests are fairly simple, though, and we've been very successful in providing special music when asked!

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